photo markos Name: Κουργιαντάκης Μάρκος

Current Position: Associate Professor in the Business Administration Department at the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Crete 

Tel.: +30 2810 379647


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 Short CV

Markos Kourgiantakis holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Crete, a M.Sc. in Operational Research from the Technical University of Crete and a M.Sc. in Economics and Management from the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania. He has publications in scientific journals and presentations in international conferences in several issues on economics and e-business systems and procedures. He has participated in numerous research and developmental EU projects such as Interreg and Leonardo, and he has great business consulting experience as a free-lancer (from 2003). He is also a co-founder of IMMKO, a consulting and web development company. Since 2008 he is an instructor/ professor in many courses in management, IT management, e-business and computer training. He remains active researcher in Technological Educational Institute of Crete, as well as in University of Crete.


Markos' Publication List (selected Work)

Journal Papers

  • “Optimization in E-commerce (Chapter 35)” M. Kourgiantakis, I. Mandalianos, A. Migdalas, P. Pardalos in “Handbook of Optimization in Telecommunications”, P.M. Pardalos, M.G.C. Resende (eds.), Springer, (February 2006), pp.1017-1050
  • “E-commerce: A survey for Cretan Agro-Food Sector” M. Kourgiantakis, N. Matsatsinis and A. Migdalas in “The market for organic products in the Mediterranean region”, A. Nikolaidis, G. Baourakis, E. Isikli, M. Yercan (eds.), Cahiers Options Mediterrraneennes, Volume 61, (2003)
  • “The impact of e-commerce on agro-food marketing: The case of agricultural cooperatives, firms and consumers in Crete” G. Baourakis, M. Kourgiantakis, A Migdalas (alphabetical order) British Food Journal, vol. 104, no.8, (2002), pp.580-590.
  • “Synthesis, pH-dependent Structural Characterization and Solution Behavior of Aqueous Aluminum and Gallium Citrate Complexes” M. Matzapetakis, M. Kourgiantakis, M. Dakanali, C.P. Raptopoulou, A. Terzis, A. Lakatos, T. Kiss, L. Iordanidis, T. Mavromoustakos, A. Salifoglou Inorganic Chemistry, 40(8), (2001), pp.1734-1744.


Conference Papers

  • “Examining Consumers' Preferences for Wine Attributes. A Case Study from the UK” (full paper) A. Apostolakis, M. Kourgiantakis, and J. Hong Paper Presented at the "Contemporary Trends and Perspectives in Wine and Agrifood Management" Conference of the Academy of Business (EMAB), hosted by the University of Salento, Lecce, Italy, 16th - 17th January, 2015.
  • “Electronic versus traditional B2B market from intermediary’s perspective” (full paper) M. Kourgiantakis, E. Petrakis Association of Southern European Economic Theorists Conference 2009 Octomber 30-31, 2009, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • “Modelling B2B e-marketplaces: The role of intermediaries” (full paper) M. Kourgiantakis, E. Petrakis IADIS e-Commerce Conference 2006 December 14-16, 2006, Barcelona, Spain.


Markos' Consultancy Work Experience (selected)

  • Free Lancer since 2003
  • Co-founder and Business Development Manager of a Web Services Company since 2007
  • Cordinator and Instructor in Life Long Learning Seminars and Vocational Educational Training
  • Cordinator / Researcher in several European and National Projects


Markos' Research Interests

  • E-Business
  • E-Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Management


Markos' profile in Social networks



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