dimou photo Name: Dr. Irini Dimou

Current Position: Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Business Administration, TEI Crete

Tel.: 2810-379647


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 Short CV

Dr. Irini Dimou works as an Assisant Professor of Business Administration in the Department of Business Administration, at the Technological Educational Institue of Crete, as well as Adjunct Lecturer at the Hellenic Open University (M.Sc. in Tourism Business Administration). She has previously worked as a Certified Online Instructor in the Online MBA of the Univeristy of Liverpool and also as a full time professor at the Americal College of Greece (Deree College). She has graduated from the department of Business Administration of Athens Univesrity of Economics and Business and holds an M.B.A. degree from the same univeristy. Having earned a scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation of Greece, she studied for a PhD at the University of Surrey, U.K. Her PhD thesis focused on Strategic Management of International Hospitality Corporations.

She has publishd in various international journals, including Journal of Business Research, Journal of Marketing Channels, Industry and Higher Education and Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management, while she has also presented her research work in national and international conferences. Besides her academic achievements, she has also worked as a freelancer for Greek and international consulting companies, conducting various industry reports and case studies.

Moreover, Dr. Dimou acts as reviewer for some of the mainstream high impact peer review journals in the tourism field (Annals of Tourism Research, Anatolia, EuroMed Journal of Business, Industry and Higher Education). At the same time, she is working on two EU funded projects (Holy Grail and European Islands Continue Education on Resources Efficiency Virtual Gateway –VIREG).


Irini's Publication List (selected Work)

Journal Papers

  • Soteriades, M. and Dimou, I. (2011) "Special Events: A Framework for Efficient Management" Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management 20(3), 329-346.
  • Diplari, A. and Dimou, I. (2010) "Public Tourism Education and Training in Greece: a Study of the Necessity for Educational Restructuring», Industry and Higher Education, 24(2), 115-120.
  • Chen, J. and Dimou, Ι. (2005) "Expansion Strategy of International Hotel Firms" Journal of Business Research, 58, 1730-1740.
  • Dimou, Ι., Chen, J. and Archer, S. (2003) "The Choice between Management Contracts and Franchise Agreements in the Corporate Development of International Hotel Firms". Journal of Marketing Channels, 10(3/4), 33-51.
  • Dimou, Ι. (2003) "Management Contracts vs. Franchise Agreements in the Corporate Development of International Hotel Firms: A Transaction Cost and Agency Theory Perspective". Research Notes, International Journal of Tourism Research, 5(2), 151-152.


Book Chapters

  • Soteriades, Μ. and Dimou, I. (2013): Special Events: A Framework for Efficient Management. In Dwyer, L. & Wickens, E. (eds.) Event Tourism and Cultural Tourism: Issues and Debates, Routledge (reproduction of the paper published in the Special Issue of the Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management)
  • Dimou, I. and Pitsouli, E. (2009): Management Tools and Approaches. In Farsari, Ι. and Soteriades M. (eds.) Alternative and Special Interest Tourism: Planning, Management and Marketing, Athens: Interbooks Publications, (in Greek).
  • Dimou I. and Ikkos A. (2003): The Status Quo of Greek Franchising and Opportunities for Future Growth. In I. Alon and D. Welsh (eds) International Franchising in Industrialized Markets: Northern and Western Europe, CCH Inc (reproduction of the paper published in the proceedings of the 17th Conference of International Society of Franchising)


Conference Papers

  • Simantiraki, E. and Dimou, I. (2013) Public Tertiary Tourism Education Graduate Competencies. Do the TEI and ASTE Graduates meet the Hotel Industry's Expectations?, 5th International Scientific Conference: Tourism Trends and Advances in the 21st Century, Rhodes, 30 May – 2 June, 2013.
  • Dimou, I and Simantiraki, E. (2010) Cruise Tourism vs. Hotel Accommodation: A Substitute or Supplementary Relationship. A Preliminary Analysis for the City of Heraklion, 2nd Int'l Conference on Tourism and Hospitality Management, Athens, 22-23 May.
  • Dimou, I. and Diplari, A. (2009) "Public Tourism Education and Training in Greece: a Study of the Necessity for Educational Restructuring», 6th Int'l Conference New Horizon in Industry Business & Education, Santorin, 27-28 August.
  • Soteriades, Μ. and Dimou, I. (2008) "Special Events: A Framework for Efficient Management", 2nd International Tourism Conference, Alanya, 05-09 November.
  • Voltirakis, G. and Dimou, I. (2008) "Customer Relationships Management in Passenger Shipping Companies", Marketing & Management in Tourist Enterprises: Contemporary and Innovative Approaches, Heraklion, 28-29 May (in Greek).


Irini's Consultancy Work Experience (selected)

  • Projects to Support Transnational Tourism Based on European Cultural and Industrial Heritage" (Ref: SI2.682292)
  • Jan. 2014 – present: Participation in the European Project VIREG "Project European Islands Continue Education on Resources Efficiency", ERASMUS lifelong research programme (Ref: 539230 – LLP – 1 – 2013 – 1 – ES- ERASMUS – EQR)
  • 2010-2011: IAKET – participating in the group of experts for the feasibility study for the establishment of an International Center of Excellence for Tourism in Crete (project funded by the Region of Crete).
  • 2006 – 2007: Freelancer for E-2000 Consulting in Athens, conducting tourism related projects and financial supervision of CSF-III projects.
  • 2003-2008: Freelancer for Euromonitor Consulting, London. I have worked on the following projects: "Consumer Lifestyles in Greece" (2005), "Travel and Tourism in Greece" (2003, 2004, 2007 and 2008), "Domestic Electrical Appliances in Greece" (2004), "Clothing & Footwear, DIY and Gardening, Home Furniture and Housewares in Greece" (2004) and "The Retail Industry in Greece" (2004).


Irini's Research Interests

  • Strategic management and marketing in the tourism and hospitality industry
  • International management
  • Applications of information technologies in tourism,
  • Cruise tourism
  • Tourism education


Irini'sprofile in Social networks

  1. Google scholar: http://scholar.google.gr/citations?user=w8K9gOoAAAAJ&hl=en 
  2. Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Irini_Dimou 
  3. Academia.edu: https://teicrete.academia.edu/IriniDimou/Papers 



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